Saturday, June 28, 2008

The latest meals

Well, I haven't been trying any new beef recipes lately. I made chili with two pounds of ground beef. I know it's summer, but I enjoy having chili around. I like to eat chili at room temperature, so having a pot of it in the fridge makes an easy summer snack.

I also made a sirloin steak. It was very large, more than big enough for the two of us. I cooked it like I discussed in this post, though with the temperature a bit lower so as to get the correct doneness. As always, I made green beans in the pan while the steak was resting. It makes some of the tastiest green beans I've every had. The steak was also delicious.

We're definitely working our way through the meat, though there are quite a few roasts remaining. The liver has won -- I'm planning on giving it to friends with cats and dogs. Some of the suet went for a friend's dad's bird feeder. What else can I do with suet?

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