Thursday, February 3, 2011

Food Related Goals #2, 3, 4, 10

I've been very remiss about keeping this up to date. Since my last post I've:
  • Made no-kneed bread, which turned out very well. It's very easy and tasty, though I used a tablespoon or two more water than what that recipe calls for.
  • Made homemade butter for the bread. It's even easier than bread and wow, does fresh butter taste good! The buttermilk from making it went towards making buttermilk pancakes.
  • Tried several new foods, but have apparently forgotten a number of them. I do remember:
--- Red Hawaiian Sea Salt. (Okay, but I like Fleur de Sel better as far as expensive salt goes.)
--- Squid ink (as part of a tasting menu I had for my birthday)
--- Burdock root (I made kinpria goba and pickled burdock root, both okay, but not a favorite)

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