Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Quick Round Up

I'm behind on posting, so here's a brief summary of my recent beef usage.

Nachos: The hubby used 1 lb ground beef to make nachos. It made enough for two dinners.

Steak: I made NY strip steak. I decided to marinade the steak for a few hours in my usual steak marinade (red wine + garlic + dill + black pepper). Honestly, the marinade didn't seem to go very well with the meat. I'm guessing this meat is more flavorful than what I used to use with this marinade.

Shepherd's Pie: 1 pound of ground beef made two small casserole dishes of Shepherd's Pie. It's always a lot of work, but tasty.

Pasta with Meat Sauce: This old stand by used 1 more pound of ground beef.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Rest of the Roast & Hamburgers

I still had half a roast to use and I was in the mood for more asian food. I sliced the roast thinly and marinaded it in the sauce I use for char sui. Quickly sauted the pieces in oil. Served with rice and a quick stirfry of napa cabbage with sriracha sauce.

The meal was so-so. Unfortunately the meat was a bit too tough for this sort of treatment. It would have worked better had I shaved it -- 1/8 in thick slices. Also, normally there's a bit too much sauce, but this time there wasn't enough (IMO) since I used more meat. Still, it was decent and everything got eaten.

Tonight we made hamburgers with a pound of ground beef. Bacon cheese burgers with lettuce, tomato, and onion to be exact. They were tasty.