Monday, December 26, 2011

101 Update

Goal #1 - Complete! I went to a mozzarella making class at Dave's. We started with the curd and made fresh mozzarella. Fresh mozzarella is completely different than the stuff you get in the store. It's awesome and you can taste how it changes over time.

#2 Complete (Modified). Originally to preserve foods by canning or pickling. But I got a ton on kale from the year end PYO, that I blanched and froze. It means I didn't get to learn more about the canning or pickling process, but I've spent a bunch of time persevering foods. I also peeled and froze apples then, and recently made them into a fantastic apple pie. I also froze a bunch of turkey, vegetable soup, and cooked beans. I just got a vacuum sealer for Christmas, which I tired out on some lentil soup.

#9 New Foods: I've tried jackfruit. I tried the canned version and made an Indian type curry with it.

#23 I took a gun safety course. I fired a glock in the simulators. So no bullets, and the computer and air tank provided the feedback and kickback. I handled a revolver, semi-automatic, shotgun, and AR-15 with fake ammo and stuff.

#68 We had 3 other couples over for Thanksgiving. I had an 18lb turkey from my meat CSA. It totally counts as a dinner party in my book.

#80 Lots of date type things with Ted. We did a dinner and concert-- Dinner at a Tibetan restaurant and then saw Tornado Rider which was a fun experience. The lead has a great presences, is very funny, and plays and is a fantastic cello player. Unfortunately, his singing leaves something to be desired. However, I do love the Golden Apple Dance (which you can listen to on their website.)

#87 Winterizing the home: Well I replaced all the furnace filters, we've resealed the door, replaced the mail slot, plasticked over the stain glass window, have winter supplies (shovels, salt, sand, etc.), which I'm declaring is good enough.