Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ground Beef #2: Pasta with Meat Sauce

We got back from a friend's birthday party starving. Unfortunately, the usual quick stand by of grilled ham & cheese with a side of veggies was not an option since we were out of cheese. While I had liver defrosted (as an encouragement to use it), I didn't want to try something new while very hungry.

The cupboard did hold the always easy meal of pasta and tomato sauce. So I threw a pot of water on the stove and decided to try the auto-defrost on the microwave. Seven minutes later the ground beef was ready to cook. I browned it up with two cloves of garlic and then added a jar of basil marinara sauce. While I normally jazz it up with my own seasonings, tonight it was left as is. Cooked some capellini and microwaved some frozen peas. Finished things off with some freshly grated parmasan and the last of our mandarin oranges. Not a spectacular meal, but quick and easy.

Grocery shopping tomorrow, most likely.

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